Search and Rescue is a GAME?

People observe SAR (Search and Rescue) trainers with a bit of confusion. Are they playing or are they really serious?

We strive to have great SAR dogs. We “train” a lot. Two to three times a week on the average. But for our four-legged team members, it is just a great game of find and reward. While we have to take SAR seriously, we can’t forget that our dogs will not work for us if it is not fun. They do not understand the dire emotions that love ones feel when their child is missing. They do not comprehend the same grief that a family is dealing with unanswered questions. All our K9s know is that it is a fun game with a great reward for doing their job.

As serious SAR K9 handlers, we have to bridge that fine line. We have to make it fun, while we have to be serious enough to make sure that our dogs are the best they can be. We will never deploy a K9 team that is not at their best. Be it just that day, or a dog that has lost its desire to play the game. (A novice team that is still in training and has not passed its national certification will not ever be deployed.) Before every deployment, we evaluate our K9s to make sure they are at their best. We are serious about the job that has been entrusted to us. A human life is just too important not to be our best. And that means that sometimes, not every team will be deployed on any given day.

If you are ready to work your socks off. If you are ready to do more than you ever dreamed possible. If you are ready to understand that your dog might not make the grade, but are willing to look at the bigger picture then you might be just what we are looking for. You might be one of the dedicated people that love dogs, want to help your fellow man when he is in need or hurting and is willing to spend all your extra time working with our team while enjoying nature, life, and living, then this might be the road you want to travel. If you are wanting to be a part of something much larger than just a handler and his dog, then SAR might be what you are looking for.

For every dog team, there need to be at least four support people. If you think this is something that you are interested in then contact us.