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Your donation helps us find more missing people.

In the event of a missing child or person, you would expect immediate action and hope for quick resolution.  To make that happen, Great Plains Search and Rescue K9s dispatches only the most qualified, certified and well-trained teams.

In the great plains of Kansas and throughout the Midwest, Great Plains Search and Rescue K9s is a valuable resource to the community and local law enforcement agencies.

To ensure all our teams are certified, we invest in each volunteer, even the dogs (especially the dogs).  We need your support to make this training and education the most well-rounded process possible.

Please take a moment to donate to our cause.  Just $5 can help us purchase supplies.  Just $10 can be put toward training and certification.  Every little bit counts.

We are a 501C3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible.  

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